Jan’s Trading Co. is one of the best dealers for Used Tires, and parts in Japan. We supply not any kind of used tyres, we supply GOOD QUALITY used tyres. All tires are Japanese made and in excellent condition

Customer satisfaction is our goal and if you are looking high quality used passenger car tyres, Jan’s Trading Co. in Japan can supply you with huge quantities of used tyres any time.

Sizes from 12R to 16R ( both Summer and Winter Mix ) with tread depth of 50% upwards.

We quality check and inspect every tyre before loading therefore giving you hasstle free purchase of Quality usedTyres. With many years of experience in exporting vehicle tyres - we take pride in supplying Quality UsedTyres for your needs.

Whatever your needs as a tyre garage, transportation company or tyres for the retreading industry – Jan’s Trading can supply you quality tyres.

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