Company Profile
Company Information
Company Name Jan Trading Co.
Establishment May, 17, 1999
Representative Director and
Muhammad Nazar Jan
Head Office Location 9-49, Onohama-cho, Chuo-Ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo-prf, 651-0082 Japan
Business Base 13 domestic sites, 46 overseas, as of SEPTEMBER 2019
Number Of Employees 158 domestic, 639 overseas * as of SEPTEMBER 2019
Business Contents Sales and import-export of used cars
Sales, import-export of automotive parts
Amount Of Stated Capital ¥ 70,000,000
URL (corporate site) (export sales site)
1999 Established Jan Trading Co. in Kobe, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
2001 Opened Office in Pakistan
2002 Opened addition offices in Nagoya, Fukuoka and Yokohama, Japan
2003 Opened offices UAE, Pakistan, South Africa
2008 Opened Offices in Namibia, Tanzania
2010 Opened offices in Zambia, Tanzania and additional offices in Tokyo, Japan.
2012 Opened offices in Botswana and UAE
2013 Opened offices in Kenya, Additional offices in Hokkaido and Chiba in Japan.
2014 Opened Offices in Sharjah, Additional Office in Sendai, Japan
2015 Opened Offices in U.K and additional office in Toyama
2016 Opened offices in Chile, Mongolia and additional Office in Fukuoka Koga, Japan
2017 Opened offices in Thailand, Cars & Tyres offices in Dominican Republic
2018 Opened offices in Philippines, New Zealand & Jamaica
Office Network
KOBE HEAD OFFICE 651-0082, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Chuo-Ku, Onohamacho, 9-49
KOBE 650-0045, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe city, Chuo-ku, Minatojima, 9 Chome, 11-1
NAGOYA KASUGAI 480-0304, Aichi Prefecture, Kasugai city, 1662-1
FUKUOKA 813-0023, Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka city, Higashi-ku, Kamata, 2 Chome 21-35
FUKUOKA KOGA 811-3127, Fukuoka prefecture, Koga city, Shinbaru, 811-1
TOYAMA 933-0947, Toyama Prefecture, Takaoka city, Hongo, 2 Chome, 1-42
YOKOHAMA Daikokucho 230-0053, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama city, Tsurumi-ku, Daikokucho, 7-53
YOKOHAMA Kamomecho 231-0813, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama city, Chuo-ku, Kamomecho 22
HOKKAIDO 059-1366, Hokkaido Prefecture, Tomakomai city, Akebonocho, 1 Chome 2-11
CHIBA YACHIMATA 289-1143, CHIBA Prefecture, YACHIMATA city, YACHIMATA i 80-2
CHIBA YOTSUKAIDO 262-0004, Chiba prefecture, Chiba city, Hanamigawa-ku, Dainichi-cho 1478
SENDAI 983-0003, Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city, Miyagino-ku, Okada Shinhama naka dori 25-1
Top Message
Jan Trading Co. Mission

Jan Trading Co. aims to provide a distinguished experience to every customer beyond their expectations in a very friendly, professional and efficient manner, creating a true customer value.

"Meeting expectations is our business, exceeding them is our mission"

Distributing Japan’s Good Quality Around The World

From products, technologies and services to culture and spirit, there are many things that Japan is proud of in the world. Regardless of tangible or intangible, we aim to be a company that can contribute to happiness and prosperity of people by delivering “Japan’s good things" in the world to the world.

Facilitating Our Partners in Every Possible Way

We care for our business partners in in any way they need, so that there is no obstruction in delivering the best of Japan around the globe.

Empowering The Employees

Jan Trading Co. cares for its employees and consider every one of them as a strong pillar of the company. We cater to all employee needs and even go beyond to facilitate them, because a happy employee is the key to quality work and full dedication. We strive hard to cooperate with them in a way that they feel a privilege to work with Jan Trading Co.

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